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Anonymous asked: how was the wedding?? :D hope you had a fabulous one!!

It was great :D! The sun was shining and everything was just amazing! It was small and I just love my new husband to death ;> <3!

Hey guys.


It’s getting to the end of the month. My lil family as well as myself have been trying to build up funds to move out of our current place (temp stay at relatives) and into a different one. We want to be out of here by October (or before then would be preferred). We also have storage coming up…

One of my best friends (my truest friend) needs help! Please commission her she is a talented and wonderful person!! I know I’ll be trying my best to help her and I would really appreciate it if you could too! She even has mini commissions that she does and they are so cute at such a low rate!!


Getting married tomorrow!!! Ahhh!!!


So I know I have been super not active and I have the nicest followers who are being so patient with me (along with my buddies who are the greatest omg), but I have good reason for being so flakey. My wedding is in 15 days. FIFTEEN DAYS! SAKJDFDASKJFSDKJF!! I have been on maximum overdrive with work, planning and doing everything for the wedding (my fiance is too hes just more burnt out from work than I am every day and I am okay with the extra work load -ithinkohgod-), and just generally dealing with day to day life.

SO ITS BEEN SUPER BUSY! AHHH!! After we are married things will calm down and then we get to go on the honeymoon in mid october wooo! <3 So yeah! STAY PATIENT IM SO SORRY SKFJASDKJF!



Good afternoon everyone! I hope you all slept well, patiently awaiting the results!! ♥

Once again, I used a random number generator to pick the winners, then used a random list generator to pick who won what. There was no favouritism. I’m very truly honestly sad for those…

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say that you are one of the most kind, humble, and generous people I've come across on this site. I wish more people could be like you! You are an inspiration and just make my day when I see you active on my dash ;-; Shy anon out!

I-I… I don’t know what to say Anon that is really really sweet!!! I’m so happy that I can do anything to make you happy and ahhh!! -clings- Nooo don’t run I wanna be friends ;A;!! -clings more-

Reblog or your mom will die in 928 seconds.








I love my mom.


I am risking nothing



Will not risk.


sorry followers :(

omg im so glad to se so many people love their mummy

Why’re you being mean to my mum?

goddamn it

Nope. Googled it. 15 minuets. Nope. Not taking any chances


This has 1.2 million reblogs …
Ps not riskin it

Damn we may be fighting but I love my mommy :/ can’t risk it. -sorry-

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UPDATE: Again… Haha

I will be starting to be active once more on the godmode au forums as of today! Yay! I’ll try to reply to every rp I am a part of asap and to continue doing so that we can move along with the RP and if I need to take a break for wedding stuff ill make Juju slip into some kind of sleep or something haha.

Also I have a date! We decided the 1st would just make the parentals pretty upset with us so we figured out a later date! September 20th is the date we have on reserve with my grandma’s church (which was cool of them).

SO rileyomalley and sakoyo save that date! Kimono’s are what we are going to be wearing (if you can’t get one don’t sweat it) and I will get a time for everyone soon!! :D HOPEFULLY THIS IS THE LAST OFFICAL DATE I GIVE YOU AHHH!! -runs around shrieking-