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Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say that you are one of the most kind, humble, and generous people I've come across on this site. I wish more people could be like you! You are an inspiration and just make my day when I see you active on my dash ;-; Shy anon out!

I-I… I don’t know what to say Anon that is really really sweet!!! I’m so happy that I can do anything to make you happy and ahhh!! -clings- Nooo don’t run I wanna be friends ;A;!! -clings more-

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I love my mom.


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Will not risk.


sorry followers :(

omg im so glad to se so many people love their mummy

Why’re you being mean to my mum?

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Damn we may be fighting but I love my mommy :/ can’t risk it. -sorry-

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UPDATE: Again… Haha

I will be starting to be active once more on the godmode au forums as of today! Yay! I’ll try to reply to every rp I am a part of asap and to continue doing so that we can move along with the RP and if I need to take a break for wedding stuff ill make Juju slip into some kind of sleep or something haha.

Also I have a date! We decided the 1st would just make the parentals pretty upset with us so we figured out a later date! September 20th is the date we have on reserve with my grandma’s church (which was cool of them).

SO rileyomalley and sakoyo save that date! Kimono’s are what we are going to be wearing (if you can’t get one don’t sweat it) and I will get a time for everyone soon!! :D HOPEFULLY THIS IS THE LAST OFFICAL DATE I GIVE YOU AHHH!! -runs around shrieking-

alcube51 asked: Have a good wedding buddy :3

Ahhh thank you!! ; v ;

Anonymous asked: I hope your wedding is sensational and beautiful! Kind and incredible people like you deserve the best!

;v; This is the sweetest thing a stranger has ever said to me!! Ahhh Anon!!! I would invite you if I could!!!!

Anonymous asked: that missing little girl post is a hoax post and has been around since 2008 with the location missing changed frequently :<< it's not real

Awww that’s not cool of someone to pray on people’s concern and such! Thanks anon! I will take down that post ASAP!

ivoruvero asked: Heey!! It's been a while lmao (sorry I haven't really been that active on steam, timezones keep messing me up and I'm usually asleep when you're awake XD). Just dropping in to say hi :D how you been??

Hahaha it’s all good! That’s just how life goes! Yeah plus those pesky time zones eww haha. Hi hi! Good! I will post on the forums soon LET IT BE KNOWN but for now just trying to get this whole marriage thing down :o!

Major News/Update!

So I know I have been super inactive even after my sickness has passed but there has been a reason…..


You heard my screams it’s true. My fiancee and I have been pressured by both our family to have a nice wedding (if you remember it was going to have this fancy japanese themed wedding) and to do it right. However the stress of it all, the work, and the deadlines have all gotten out of hand. The deadlines we set for deposits have past (and due to certain parties) so we talked it through this morning (admittedly it wasn’t for very long) and decided that we just want to get married ASAP.

My fiancee said we should get married this next weekend but I convinced him to wait at least till the 1st (our anniversary anyway :>) and that way it could give our family some time to screech and do what they must. (My mom has been super cool with everything so far and I am so grateful to have her in my life and being such a supportive and caring figure.)

So you heard it! I’m getting married. <3 I’m really hoping a certain rileyomalley and possibly sakoyo could come >v> <3. (That is if we decide its family only >3>;;; GOTTA ASK THE BOY HIS OPINION.)